Bee Removals in North Texas

Welcome to We Rescue Bees!

If you are here we know 1 of 2 things about you, you either are looking for someone to come remove a ferrell honeybee hive on your property or you are looking to learn about bees. Either way we are happy to help!

Honeybee Removals

If you are here looking for someone to remove a bee hive on your property, we are a Texas Apiary Inspection Service certified bee removal service (TEXAS TRANSPORT PERMIT #TX-6-18-003). Bees are not allowed by law to be exterminated. The hive and as many bees as possible MUST be removed and relocated. Also by Texas law you must be certified to move bees across county lines. For more information please see the TAIS website regarding those laws and for any other approved removal professionals if we don’t service your area. We service Southern Tarrant and Johnson Counties in Texas. We do however make exceptions on a case by case basis. You can fill out our Removal Request form, where you will be able to upload photos, email or phone/text us at 817-692-2363. Please limit calls/texts to between 8am and 8pm. If we don’t happen to answer please leave us a detailed message and we will call you back before the end of the next business (M-F) day.

Bee Keeping Information

Want to learn more about beekeeping? We would love to point you in the right direction! We, as time allows will be making posts and videos about beekeeping and you will be able to find them in our beekeeping blog. In our blog you’ll also be able to see some of our past removals. Please note that due to time constraints and the temperament of the bees we are removing we may or may not be able to take pictures and post them. We in most cases are more focused on the removal and doing a good job in caring for the bees and the pictures are secondary to that. Here is our blog page if you want to view that. If you want even more we recommend the MetroBeekeepers group in Fort Worth, Texas. There are other local groups but we are not members there. We can attest to the quality of information and speakers at the monthly Metro meetings. Check us out if you are close enough to make our monthly meeting.